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Inspector Javert and the Oath of Blood is an adventure mystery game set in Paris, 1832, beginning the morning after the barricades fell on the famed June Rebellion.

Inspired by Victor Hugo's literary classic Les Miserables and real historical events, Inspector Javert and the Oath of Blood deviates from the novel at the point where the eponymous Inspector jumps into the river Seine. Instead of meeting his fate in the murky waters Javert survives and grows to discover a new lease on life.

Play as Inspector Javert as you delve into cases, solve crimes, fight alongside your allies, and discover what it means to be alive.

  • Over 100 cases to solve.
  • Use your detective skills to interrogate and persuade, get to the bottom of the toughest cases. Gather clues, follow leads, question witnesses, expose lies, and make deductions.
  • 100s of locations to explore in and around the city including sewers and catacombs, Notre Dame and Pere Lachaise, Versailles and the Tuileries, a suspicious Opera House and many more.
  • A relationship system that lets you develop bonds of friendship and romance.
  • A gardening system to design, grow, and expand the garden in Rue Plumet.
  • 100s of characters to meet and interact with including literary and historical figures. Join forces and fight alongside the likes of Jean Valjean, Francois Vidocq and many more.
  • Bet on cards in taverns, learn how to lockpick, disguise yourself, outwit your opponents, use stealth, and solve many more dynamic puzzles and minigames.
  • Turn based battle system that integrates dynamic attacks, animations, and skill tree learning.
  • Make choices to determine the fate of your soul and keep track of your integrity, empathy, and resolve.
  • Multiple decisions lead to multiple endings.

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