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A great, fun experience. We run a school that teaches coding and game design. We will use this as the perfect short intro to making an RPG for our students. Thank you!

I really liked this game. The story was short but sweet, and as a person who's not fond of elaborate puzzles, I liked having the walkthrough available. I also liked how you left the ending open for interpretation.

Not much in the way of gameplay, but everything else is very well done. I really appreciate the production as a whole.

Style, color palette, and mapping is top notch. Great music, especially the ending track. Props for taking the effort to removing irrelevant MV elements to your game.

I really like the short simple writing too, get a really good bittersweet nostalgic mood going. Makes me actually care about where Harold is heading off for his retirement, haha.

Cute game! Really dig the music!

Thank you!

A quick little item hunt, and a heartfelt ending.

Love the Title track, and the last track especially. 

Nice graphical feel.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed.