A downloadable journey home

After the ten year long Trojan War, Odysseus and his remaining men begin their journey home to Ithaca.

Nostos is an epic game about a journey home by sea set in the waters of Ancient Greece. Players collaborate to fight creatures, explore unknown lands, resist temptations, and tell stories. Players create characters inspired by soldiers returning home from Troy and roll dice to encounter monsters, items, environments, characters and challenging scenarios that test their desire to find home again.

Gameplay is a narrative storytelling process encouraged by rolls of the dice and engaging with other characters' fears, desires, traits, and temperaments. Nostos is designed to be a collaborative and immersive experience with players rewarded for courageous sacrifices and fatalistic bonding. Players will find that choosing the isolated and individual option leads to a difficult struggle. Betrayal is not to be taken lightly.

Nostos is currently in development.

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